Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Pregnancy

Many women want to have their unwanted body hair removed so they can feel better about themselves and save time on manually waxing their body areas. But what when you just so happen to be pregnant? Is it safe to get your body hair removed through use of a laser? Will it damage the unborn baby in any way? Is it perhaps a good idea to postpone the laser hair removal treatment until the pregnancy is over? These are common health related questions that people ask themselves when they are considering moving ahead with the procedure.

The laser used in the hair removal procedure, is a laser that generates heat only. Therefore, the skin problems you may develop by undergoing this treatment, are heat related only. Common laser hair removal side effects are blistering of the skin, reddening of the skin, etc. In some cases, you can also develop temporary pigment problems, where the skin in the treated area either becomes lighter or darker. If you are completely out of luck, the laser will inflict tiny wounds on your skin that can cause you discomfort and pain. These tiny wounds might even develop scar tissue when they heal in a bad way.

However, the laser only passes a few millimeters into the skin. It is simply impossible for a developing baby to be harmed by a laser that only penetrates the epidermis by a few millimeter. However, because of your pregnancy, you might be suffering from all sorts of side effects related to it. Some women suffer from insomnia, headaches, heartburns, morning sickness and overall pain sensations on the body. If you feel that your body is sensitive at the moment, then it may be a good idea to postpone having laser hair removal performed on you.

A healthy pregnant woman will have around a 3% risk of birthing a baby with birth defects. The risk of delivering a miscarriage are around 15%. Regarding laser hair removal side effects & pregnancy, there is currently no evidence that shows that this treatment alters these risks in any way. Generally, it is a safe procedure. But please keep in mind that the treatment will definitely hurt a little bit. Most people will be able to take it, but pregnant women may want to avoid the treatment when they have sensitive skin. If you are worried that the stress from the pain will cause you or your baby harm, then why not postpone the procedure for a few more months?