Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Cancer

Now that the laser hair removal treatment has gained so much popularity in recent years, more and more people want to have it done. It’s a fairly expensive treatment that not everybody can afford. Some people will have to save up for it. Many people will require multiple sessions because of thicker and denser hair. But the price isn’t the only issue with this procedure. Many people are also worried about the related health issues. Can laser hair removal cause cancer? That’s one of the most often asked questions that people ask me. In order to get this issue out of the way, I will answer the question below.

To understand whether or not a laser hair removal procedure can give you cancer, it is important that you learn how it works. The undesired body hair that you have, grows from hair follicles below the epidermis. The laser used in this treatment gets rid of those follicles by destroying them. The way this laser destroys the follicles, is by generating heat. The laser is targeted at them and because follicles contain dark tissue, they absorb the laser’s heat. The doctor will effectively be burning your hairs away, after which they will never return.

While it is true that the laser uses a form of radiation, but it’s harmless. The word ‘radiation’ always brings about people’s greatest fears of developing laser hair removal side effects & cancer. But the radiation is non-ionizing. This type of radiation does not interfere with the molecular mechanisms inside of our body. This implies that it cannot do any structural damage to the bio molecular mechanisms inside of our cells. Non-ionizing radiation does not break DNA bonds at all. For this simple reason, cancer is simply not an issue. The radiation that is used, is completely different than the one used in, say, X-rays.

When it comes to laser hair removal & safety, doctors have taken every precaution there is. Both you and the performing doctor will be wearing protective eye gear to protect the eyes from the laser. Also, cooling gel will be applied to the body area that is to be treated to counter the laser’s heating effects. There are some side effects you can develop from this treatment, such as skin blistering, skin crusting, pigment changes, etc. These side effects are uncomfortable, but entirely treatable and in most cases temporary. But one thing is for sure. Laser hair removal will not cause you anything as serious as cancer!