Laser Hair Removal Pricing

When it comes to the cost of laser hair removal, you will find that the costs will vary from one clinic to the other. You won’t pay the same price in every area, town, city or state. For this reason, people have been travelling great lengths to get the cheapest possible treatment. The added costs of travelling can be less than the subtracted costs of a far-away clinic that’s cheaper than a clinic near you.

Laser hair removal pricing differ because one practitioner might have this treatment as a substantial part of his business. Another practitioner might offer hair removal as more of a side treatment. A dermatologist or a plastic surgeon will charge considerably more for the same treatment than a clinic that has specialized in it. A clinic is more likely to view the treatment as a routine and the whole process will be more automated. This directly results in lower prices.

Not only does the cost of laser hair removal vary from one city to the next, individual differences in the consumers are also of influence on the price. Also, the desired area on the body to be treated has an impact on the price. This is mainly because various body parts vary in size. Also, some people have thicker hair than others, requiring more laser pulses.

So the pricing kind of depends on your unique body hair. If you have hair follicles that the lasers won’t have any trouble with destroying, then a laser treatment will be relatively cheap for you. If you have thick and dense hair, the lasers will have more trouble zapping your hair follicles and multiple treatments are likely to be required. This will make the treatment relatively expensive for you.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

The thickness and density of your hair will determine how many sessions you need. But also how long your sessions will last. A session lasting 20 minutes will ofcourse cost less than a 40 minute session. You might need 3 sessions or you might need 6 of them. The more sessions you need, the more you will pay for your total laser hair removal surgery.

How Does Hair Density Influence The Price?

Some clinics base their prices on hair density. Laser back hair removal for males is a good example of where this type of pricing schemes may have an impact on the cost. Higher hair density usually means more treatments in order to achieve permanent results. This translates to higher cost.

How Do Body Areas Impact The Price?

Various body parts have various price ranges correlated with them. It makes quite a difference in the price whether you want to have your upper lip (small area) done, or you back (large area).

In order to give you an idea of the how much you will be paying for your personal treatment, view this table which shows laser hair removal pricing ranges for body areas.

The prices are for one single session. The lower bound is in the case where you are a very suitable laser hair removal candidate. The high bound is when you require more time per treatment for whatever reason.

Full face $250-650
Upper lip $100-300
Chin $100-300
Underarms $150-250
Regular bikini $150-450
Brazilian bikini $250-500
Half legs (both) $250-650
Half arms (both) $250-650
Butt $200-400
Back $300-800
Chest $150-450
Abdomen $150-400

How Does Skin Tone Affect The Price?

The tone of your skin can also have an influence on laser hair removal pricing. Dark skin usually makes the treatment more difficult, but it is still possible to get a successful laser treatment even if you are dark skinned. It’s just that dark skins usually need more treatment to achieve the same results than light skins. Some clinics refuse to treat black skin with a laser, because the hair is just too hard to remove. Satisfactory results can’t be guaranteed and so the clinic concludes that it just isn’t worth the trouble using a laser. In this case, other hair removal treatments may be deployed. This may or may not get you in a completely different price range.